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I know safety gear isn't really a kids riding toy but in checking out and finding all of the different kids riding toys for our site. I didn't feel I could sell my kids riding toys with out also having safe safety gear or, safety gear for all of the different children's riding toys. So here are some of the things iv'e found and i have my eye on lot's of others and I will add them as I can.

I have found some bike helmets different sizes colors and again I have my eyes on lots of other safety gear and will add to them as I can. I found reflective tape to add to the children's riding toys, helmets Bikes we want your children to be visible coming and going safely. I would like you to add to what ever you think will help your child or grandchild to stay safe. We also found some padded protective safety gear for wrists, knees elbows and again I will add more as we go along. We've had so much fun setting up this site, and we hope you enjoy looking through our site and find some ideas for your children.

Have fun shopping our site and have a wonderful day!