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Come in and see our bikes big and small there are bikes for all sizes, be you big or small. We have bikes with training wheels if they're needed.
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We opened this site because we like kids and their riding toys, and there is so many riding toys and one of the kinds of riding toys is bikes big and small. There are so many bikes very cool looking ones  we found so many to sell in our site it was hard to chose from such an assortment. We picked some with training wheels and some with out for both girls and boys we of course we can't pick one over the other. So many pretty colors I think we picked colors that every child will like, I think they make bikes big and small so much cooler now then when we were kids. We picked pink, blue, purple, green, white, black and many colored. We found bikes big and small from 12 inches to 26 inches and I hope you can find a bike that is just  the right size for your child. It's such great exercise for children to be out in the fresh air and sunshine. You could make it a family bike ride and everyone could find the great outdoors fun take a lunch and make it a picnic at the park.