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Our pedal cars keep the kids moving under their own power. The kids love riding around the neighborhood on our pedal cars and tractors. Shop now!
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Our wonderful pedal cars are kind of a flash from the past. It was hard to find pedal cars, most of the kids riding toys now days seem to be battery powered. There's nothing wrong with battery powered kids riding toys, but its nice to get them use their muscles.

I remember riding pedal cars when I was little. I had a blast riding around the neighborhood on my pedal car of course my brother had one too and the race was on.
We were so happy to find the pedal cars when we did, oh boy and then we found the the tractors. One of the tractors even has a dump pedal, I think that makes it that much more fun. The other tractor has a loader pedal. I can just see the kids loading the tractor and then dumping it somewhere else. That could take up the whole day and then some.

The pedal cars look like racers, we have a pretty red one, a pink one that any little girl would love, and a beautiful blue pedal car. We are always on the lookout for more pedal cars and we hope to add to our collection.