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Check out our rocking horse rides we found so many, all thou not all of them are horses. Your child will love our rocking horse rides.
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Giraffe Rocking Horse Giraffe Rocking Horse
Our Price: $153.75
When we first started we were thinking that riding toys were just bikes and the cute little cars. After stocking the site with bikes and cars i realized kids ride lots of other things even rocking horse rides. So we went looking for rocking horses and we found lots of them but they are not all rocking horses. some are rocking horse rides and some are different animals bears, zebras, unicorns, boats there are just so many different kinds rides. We also have a dinosaur, a fish, bumble bee, cow, elephant and lots more of rocking horse rides.

I'm so glad you stopped by, check out the whole site and see if you can't find something that your child might love, and have a wonderful day!